Nick Gilmore

I work mostly in wood and paper: sculpture, furniture, and printmaking. A focus is the interconnectedness of the natural and built environment. Much of my current work incorporates old growth Dade County pine (pinus elliottii var. densa), an incredible local tree which was logged nearly to extinction by early development. Over 20 years in the construction trades largely inform this work. My printmaking background has led to an ongoing series of in situ embossed prints, often of cracked or degrading street surfaces, as well as of other things, in culturally or environmentally sensitive areas. Mostly overlooked, these elements are transformed into aesthetic objects. Employing these materials, and their history, is an attempt to document the present, as well as interconnect the utilitarian to the transcendental. In effect, the source material takes on a new role as cautionary tale, monument, and harbinger of the Anthropocene.