Nick Gilmore

I want the work to pull you in. It may feature rough framing of a demolished house reworked into a dynamic abstraction of meditative beauty, or wall studs transformed into a length of railroad track. Wood and paper: sculpture, furniture, printmaking. Once you’re in you can see the backstory, and how the work is about you, too. The materials and processes are inherent to our built environment. By making this artwork I am a participant in the ongoing industrial revolutions and spiritual journeys that largely define our fraught human legacy. This approach comes from spending 20 years in construction and woodworking trades. It is crafted to seduce you into the web of human entanglement with the physical world, and the metaphysical webs we spin to try to find our way out. Salvaged and transformed, the wood takes on a new role as art, monument, and harbinger of the Anthropocene.